Arsip, Repository

The Wheel of My Dream and Wish

Identitas Buku

Judul : The Wheel of My Dream and Wish

Pengarang : Dayang Suriani, dkk.

Penerbit : Deepublish

Tempat Terbit : Yogyakarta

Tahun Terbit : 2015

Jumlah Halaman : xii + 98 halaman.

Sinopsis Buku

My Heart sings when I received many papers or stories talking about dreams and learning experiences written by my students as what have been printed in this book. I can’t thank them enough. I know they’re very busy finishing up their tasks, but with their sincere heart, they can finish their papers quickly. Thank you for showing up your papers on time, I really appreciate it and feel proud of you all. Besides, I’m certainly willing to grade you again and to take part in the world of writing. I know you’re very exhausted finishing your paper, but thought you would like to know how much fun I’m having!

Versi lengkap buku ini dapat di baca di sini. Salam Literasi!

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